Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vacanta in Romania

La Felix cu nevasta si copilitza:

1.) Romanii au descoperit un nou mod de a sta in apa: Multi si in picioare. Multi multi, desi si in picioare. Mai si umbla. Da' nu inoata. Defel. Ne-a salvat nenea de la pensiunea unde eram cazati ca avea piscina. Am facut acolo cateva ture bune.

La Costinesti, tot cu familia:

1.) Poate Silviu Prigoana sa trimita o flota de masini sa stranga peturile.
2.) Oamenii, nu inoata, stau in picioare, ciotca. De data asta in apa alburie (de la jeg banuiesc) si plina de alge.
3.) Salvamarii salveaza fetele de aglomeratia de pe plaja si le duc in larg fluierand stavrizii umblatori
4.) Ala de la Aqua Park de la tobogan zice: Cat are fetita ? Eu: 6 ani. Ala: Ia pune-o langa perete. Eu: De ce ? Ala: Sa vedem cat e de inalta. O pun langa un marcaj de 1.20 m, e mai mica cu un cap, ce sa-i fac daca maica-sa care e mare deja si are doar 1.50. Zice geniul ala: Nu are domne' 6 ani, vad dupa expresia fetzei. Ma gandesc (ma al draku, or fi angajand astia numa paranormali sau cu studii superioare sa sufle in fluierele alea, ma prinse asta furand 6 luni din varsta lui fiica-mea) . Degeaba. Nu ne lasa. Sotia are o tentativa de a fi un pic mai dura da dupa atatia ani de Cluj Napoca s-a inmuiat samanta de cearta, nu le mai are. Coboram jos la alea pentru fraieri ca aia sub 1.20 platesc degeaba. Bine ca acu' un an in Antalya au lasat-o turcii pe toboganele de adulti pe gratis. N-avea nici un metru. Da aci e lumea civilizata ma. Nu e Turcia. Da banu' si du-te stai in ploaie daca vrei baie.
5.) Stam la pensiunea Golden Pearl. E in Costinesti in zona primariei. O recomand. E cel mai bun lucru de anul asta pe litoral. Totul e pe fatza, totul e cinstit, ce platesti aia primesti, camere curate, dencente, mancare BUNA, da BUNA, nu ca zic eu asha. Gatita calumea, e prima data cand nu imi merge burta la draku de cand merg eu la mare in Romania.

Vine si continuarea ...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

HTML 5 and client - server apps

Was listening to this: interesting stuff as always, thanks InfoQ, I really needed to hear what's the fuss about HTML5. I say it's Pandora's box. Meet me at a beer and I'll explain cause it's going to take all night :-D

However there is this question asked by the interview-er which I just couldn't stand responding :-)

One of the trends that I have seen that seemed to have occurred several times: when you start of you have the main server, you have the dumb terminal and logics gets pushed down to the clients, and then the same thing happens with personal computers, pushing desktop applications down to the clients, not being run on the server anymore. Those started to shift back and then you have web applications which are hosted on the web and instead of Flash plug-ins. Now it seems there is a shift back down, to adding more intelligence to the client, and doing more work on the client. While at the same time there is a push to move stuff from the client to the server. Is this a pattern that you see is happening as well and what do you think it's going to happen in the future? Will we continue to do this back and forth or not?

I think, at least in the Java community, all evil started with Struts. Yes. Most server side frameworks used this paradigm of receiving a request, rendering a HTML page and send it back in response. And yes, there may have been some valid reasons to do that, but not all. And it wasn't the only alternative. AJAX is with us since many many years but it got lots of publicity and traction with the clients like GMail appearing. As a long time GWT runner now (and not only GWT but I'll stick to that mainly) I can see, hands on now, how the HTML rendering on the server side was a huge mistake.

So let me put it this way:
Spending CPU cycles on the server side for rendering HTML is simply wrong. All the flow and UI rendering and event interception SHOULD happen in the browser. You go back to the server if you want to access persistent data or want to coordinate with other thin clients (simplest example is a chat app) and send or receive data from them but that's it. UI rendering and application flow in most of the cases belongs to the client. There are few cases where you need to go back to the server for application flow but that proportion is minimal.

And as I also said here: UI rendering and application flow in the browser allows for a whole new level of scalability (rendering HTML on the server side was eating a humongous percent like 50 - 80% of the total application CPU cycles in some apps that I saw and even developed, fingers crossed !). Also in the above mentioned post I was envisioning running a Terracota setup in the browser (maybe too much beer at that time). Of course that with the current state of HTML it's not possible. But there is this thing called Web Sockets which comes in the HTML5 and this would really enable that scenario and many more. Don't ask me how practical is that, but I am sure there are Usecases where that would be appropriate, we just need a smart guy to point them out :-)

As I said: Pandora's box :-D

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Apple vs. Google

Rumors spread more and more about a war going on between Google and Apple. And it's not about the Google OS, I think. iPhone business has generated more revenue in 2 years than the MAC. That is, Apple has discovered how to monetize peoples appetite for mobility.

Sun actually discovered that appetite a long time ago and tried to put Java on every phone in the world, it succeeded also to a big degree but never had success due to the stupid J2ME designed by lab people who had nothing in relation to reality, just as those who designed EJB ! fingers crossed!. But poor Sun didn't know how to pack it and sell it, neither nice as Apple does with the iPhone, nor smart as Google does with their Android platform. With the HTC Hero suddenly the world realizes that iPhone can happen on other platforms too, and can be infinitely smarter than a touch screen. Yeah, exactly that is Android. So freaking smarter !

And so, we have Google with their "Open" nonsense threatening to rival the huge milk cow that is the iPhone. If you come to me and say Apple doesn't try to build there a monopoly just freak off and make a Google Voice app for the iPhone.

So we have a potential Microsoft in it's inception in the mobile world which is Apple. And there is Google who, with intention or not, is directly competing with that through a platform, Android, which if would have been built by Sun instead of the dusty J2ME years ago would have revolutionized the mobile world back then.

We'll see who's gonna win. My stakes (all) are on openness. Yeah, Google exactly.

P.S. I just hope I won't get into the position of buying an Apple iPhone because there's nothing better, like it seems I need on the desktop. Windows is killing me (or the need to reinstall it). For Linux I am still looking for drivers (remember windows 98 installed each weekend ?). So there remains the MAC. It's a need though, I am not part of Apple's i*Poo* culture, it's simply gay. Yeah I said it. That's what it is. And I don't want to be part of a platform where apps meant for me get rejected by some schmuck's dictatorship. I come from a country where I had tons of that shit all my childhood. I won't take it as a grown up if I can choose.